Xochi Balfour: 5 Things To Help Maintain a Mindful Life

In the month leading up to Summer holiday season we’ve been trying to treat May as a mindful month, considering what we eat, drink, wear, do and see.

To help us understand how to be more mindful we met up with Xochi Balfour the brains behind the beautiful blog The Naturalista and the delicious healthy food truck Rainbo. We spent the morning at her house discussing simple things that enhance and clear her mind, see below the top tips we picked up:

Switch Up Your Herbal Teas
I love drinking herbal teas as a way to hydrate and give my body extra nutrients throughout the day. Stocking up on a selection of herbs from Neals Yard keeps us (her and her boyfriend Ben) going for weeks on end and it is lovely to play around with blends according to what your body craves. This is my go to chamomile and cinnamon, relaxing and warming with anti bacterial and blood sugar balancing benefits.

Clear Walls, Clear Mind
We moved into our little cottage last summer and are still in the process of decorating it. In the chaos of the city I love the serenity of bare walls and simple textures, a space of peace and calm in which to reconnect to what matters. We plan to find something bold and beautiful to put on this wall but perhaps we never will.

Support Small & Smile
We bought two of these little guys at an arts fair we were serving food at years ago. They're by a lovely inspiring  Japanese artist called Namiko and they make me smile every day. Amid so much factory produced things in today's world i always try to support the artisans and makers keeping handmade craft alive, and someone as smiley and happy as this is the perfect home for a little green succulent.

A Lesson Learnt in Crystals
Crystals hold an innate power and wisdom and i think of them as my natural guardians in a world full of environmental stresses on our bodies and our spirits. Crystal quartz is known as the universal crystal, able to absorb and protect us from negative energy and I like to keep it close in the crowded city. They're a really simple tool to work with,  raising our awareness and helping us tune in to the energy around us and our own healing powers.

Combine Cultures
I have so many cookbooks on my shelf and always fixate on one each week or so. I madly cook all the recipes i like then i move on to another and devoted myself anew to an entirely different theme. My recipes are all based on naturopathic wholefood ingredients but I like to draw on as many cultures, flavours and traditions as I can to inspire optimal wellness and creativity in the modern world. the modern world.

"I like to draw on as many cultures, flavours and traditions as I can to inspire optimal wellness and creativity."

We asked Xochi for some simple try at home recipes using easy to get hold of ingredients, these were our favourites:

The Power of a Green Smoothie
Although I'm  a big believer in superfoods, herbs and powders for building optimum wellness and nutrition, for busy days when your cupboards are bare, a simple greens-based smoothie like this can be an instant portable powerhouse. The spinach is packed full of iron, vitamins and antioxidants to support all the body's systems and the banana is a good wholefood source of energy and sweetness. Coconut provides some healthy fats and flavour and the whole thing is so easy and budget friendly... the key to good health is making it accessible and easy when far out powders and potions aren't an option.

1 large glass of water
A big handful of organic spinach
1 tbsp nut butter
1 tbsp coconut flakes
1 small banana
A small handful of soaked almonds
A drop of vanilla essence or paste
Blend and drink!

Coffee & Honey Body Scrub
Every day we throw away tons of used coffee grinds and they are in fact so good for us when used topically. This scrub combines two ancient active ingredients which lurk in almost every kitchen and work together intelligently to brighten and nourish tired skin. The compounds in the coffee help break down cellulite and draw out toxins while rich antibacterial honey leaves the body soft and rejuvenated. It is the easiest and most nourishing gift you can give a to your body, and especially great to slough away winter skin as summer looms.

It doesn’t keep for very long so make it as you use it; which I think is a nice mantra for most things.

1 cup used coffee grinds,
2/3 cup firm / cloudy organic honey
Mix, scrub, shine.

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